Sunday, February 22, 2009

Wilco at the Mall

"Goldendays" - CLICK HERE TO PLAY

So I heard Wilco's "Impossible Germany" at the mall today. Talk about mixed feelings.

Anyways, I have decided, in an effort to spur the creative horse in my life, to start posting music. This will force me to start taking song composition a little more seriously. The goal is to post at least one song per week every Sunday (and who knows, maybe more). I figure this will yield, at a minimum, 52 songs at the end of the year, of which, HOPEFULLY, 5 or so will be good enough to play to death. In making this first post, I have realized a couple things. One, I need a mic as the vocals just aren't clear enough over the guitar. Two, getting a player to work in the post isn't worth it, so I'll just link to the coolest music database on the internet. And, three, songwriting is hard:) I'm not posting lyrics to this one, because I'm still not sure what they are going to be. It's catchy enough of a melody though. Goldendays sounds like a nice enough title too.