Sunday, June 14, 2009

Week 15/Song 10 - Wow. Already at Ten Songs

Song 10 - "Famous Face"

First order of business: My really good friend launched a website today that you must check out and promote avidly. It is called Speaksake. It is a rather ingenious idea. Something that is almost as good as "Kitty Does Laundry".

Second order of business: A comment on the phrases I will hear about my upcoming week from co-workers when I ask them how they are doing. Monday: It's Monday. Tuesday: At least it's not Monday. Wednesday: It's hump day! That much closer to Friday! Thursday: I wish it was Friday. Friday: At least it's Friday.

I learned tonight that if I wait long enough after posting on the archive, the home page for the song will become more intricate with a player and the ability to download in mp3u format.

This song is based off of a riff I came up with months ago but never fitted with a melody. It worked out alright. I know that I promised multiple postings last week. I will no longer be making such false promises.