Sunday, October 11, 2009

Week 32/Song 34 - "Little Round Box"

Song 34 - "Little Round Box"

Had just watched Solaris(the '70s version, not the one with George Clooney, which I haven't seen) before coming up with this this morning, so you could say I had some otherworldly influence going on in my imagination. Going to do something a little different this week and actually post the lyrics. They aren't necessarily set in stone, but they are what show up in this version. So here you are(forgive messy puncuations):

"Maybe I could town you down and throw you up and you would tell me

Maybe I could cut you open tear you out spill you out onto the dance floor and spread you around and you eyes they would open, they would adore the dollared tune

Maybe I could make a Xylophone out of your brain and grow so wise

But what's to say, who knows, who knows

Maybe you'll go hidin in a white guitar, and then i'll break it down and go out. Maybe you'll break your heart, and hold it up, and shake your pans around

And you'll shiver and you'll shake as you make love to yourself in heart, hard times

Thank you, I thank you for saying, we can stay in love in a little round/brown box. We can stay in love with the antelope.

I bet your hiding, I bet your hiding and you don't know where to go or hear what to say. Probably all that excess, you take it into your brain and you don't even love yourself anymore.

A little be higher, and then you break it up, and then go over to I, and yet you make it up, and you got a lie, but you hate it all, and then you've got to die."